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Category B4 Machines – Exclusive to Dransfields

£250 to £400 Jackpot

Only available from Dransfields, Club Elite and Power Play, the next generation of B4 Digital Games Compendia – as well as Iconic Branded B4 Machines.

We supply the B3A on a simple income share basis so that you have no fixed costs at all.

Speak to your local Dransfields Account Manager or call us on 0345 644 9414.

You won't find these machines from any other operator


Building on the proven success of POWER PLAY, Dransfields has launched the stunning Digital B4 CLUB ELITE multi-game compendium with top branded games, latest game launches plus all the classics.

  • State-of-the-art B4 Digital Games Compendium
  • The next generation of club B4 fruit machines
  • Three great menus to choose from
  • Something for all your members to enjoy
  • You won’t get this from any other supplier


  • State-of-the-art Digital Games Compendium
  • Something for all your members to enjoy!
  • You won’t get this from any other supplier!
And exclusive iconic branded machines
Carry on Camping
The Chase